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Release Day Launch & Review: Her Accidental Boyfriend by Robin Bielman


Faking it with this flirt never felt so real...

Kagan Owens has a secret. One she thought she'd escaped by leaving New York, but when her past follows her to her temporary new life, Kagan lets a teeny lie slip. And now the town's biggest playboy and flirt, Shane Sullivan, has become her pretend boyfriend--just until she's ready to return to NYC. But the handsome, fun-loving Shane makes it tough to determine where their friendly agreement begins and ends...

Shane has no intention of settling down--in fact, his job depends on it, and nothing's more important than his work. Still, he can't help but agree to Kagan's scheme, if only to find out more about the mysterious beauty. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire, he realizes playing an accidental boyfriend may be more than he bargained for--and more than he can give.

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About the Author:

Robin Bielman lives in Southern California with her high school sweetheart husband, two sons, and crazy-cute mini Labradoodle, Harry (named after Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books). When not attached to her laptop, she can almost always be found with her nose in a book. She also likes to run, hike, and dip her toes in the ocean. Filled with wanderlust, she longs to visit many different places and fulfill her curiosity. She wouldn’t mind indulging her sweet tooth in every location either. She’s a lover of Post-it notes, cable television shows and café mochas. Writing is a dream come true, and she still pinches herself to be sure it’s real.

Her other novels include Kissing the Maid of Honor, Worth the Risk, Risky Surrender and Yours At Midnight. She loves to connect with readers.

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Meagan's Review:

O.M.G. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so many heart wrenching and tear jerkers...nope I lied I was actually in tears and too many to count aww......moments. I loved every moment of this book and wanted sooooooooo  much more. I need more of Shane and Kagan  And let me tell you I wished I had finished this book a few weeks ago, because I did a 10's list of my favorite quotes and yep I definitely have a new one to add to the top of that list. *fanning self about to swoon again*

Okay so Kagan is originally from New York, but she left without saying a word to her father. Definitely some father/daughter issues there. Now after reading this story her cause to leave has merit and I completely understand, however, when one runs from their past and it isn't settled....the past always catches up. And that's what happens with this book. We start off by Kagan's best friend coming to visit from New York for her birthday. They are having a great time and laughing and Kagan's having slight wandering thoughts of the towns playboy. Shane Sullivan. Kagan describes him from the first time they met, "He'd written his phone number on the palm of her hand." That was several months ago and yet Shane's beautiful smile and his body still are in the front of Kagan's mind. However, she has sworn off relationships while trying to figure out her life and her lease on her place is up in two months and her original plan was to head back to New York when she got things sorted out. 

So while this is going on there is a knock at the door and when Kagan goes to answer it she is hit square in the face with her past. Standing on her doorstep is Brett...the man her father wanted her to marry. Mind you I didn't say her ex-boyfriend. Nope. He works with her father and is a good friend of the family and all and it pretty much was an arranged marriage, one that Kagan did not want. So Kagan does the first thing she can think of, being panicked and all, she tells Brett that she can't come home with him or be with him because she has a boyfriend. And the name she gives said boyfriend is none other than; Shane. Score!!! These make great stories!!! Next to knock at the door is none other than the smiling town playboy; Shane. Perfect timing if ya know what I mean. And Kagan tells Brett that this is her boyfriend and Shane goes along with it.

Later they discuss the terms of this agreement and Kagan comes clean with just about everything from her past. What her real name is, who her father is, why she left and all that fun stuff leading up to Shane being her boyfriend. Now one HUGE thing you should know is that Shane doesn't do girlfriends. He is basically a hit and quit it kind of guy. But he accepts this challenge and helps out a f riend. And yes I'm calling it a challenge because for some unknown reason men have this need to accept the impossilbe challenges to "fix" the situation. Kagan is probably the only woman to ever say NO to Shane and that in it self is a challenge to fix that situation. Anyways that my little side track note. Back to the book.

So Kagan and Shane start this "fake relationship" with each other. And in a small town word spreads pretty quickly. And funny enough these two are a perfect fit for one another. Shane is a workaholic. And the grand opening of a hotel he worked very hard on is coming up and he takes Kagan with him as his date. And she does an amazing job at making him "look good" and just being there to support him. From here things get interesting. Ohhh and Shane has a new nickname for Kagan...Jelly Belly. And ohh the many different ways he uses it is nothing short of amazing and comical and something else.

Anyways while trying to put on a show for Brett that they are a happy couple of course feelings get in the way. These two have some serious chemistry with each other and as they get to know one another more feelings get in the way. Kagan meets Shane's family and there's a lot of emotions that go along with that. Especially later in the book. Shane's also got some demons of his past that he hasn't over come....and may never. And then there's Mia. Cow.  

However, lots of questions come up. What will Brett reply back to her father? What about her father is he ever going to come see Kagan again? Or does she have to be in New York to have their "talk"? Not only that is he going to finally back off? What about Kagan...does she want to move back to New York? What about Shane and Kagan....are they going to really try and have a relationship? Can Shane even have a relationship? Will it be a one night fling and then move on? What does Kagan really want in all this? Will they ever find common ground...together? Soooo  many questions that need to be answered and ohhh let me tell you the WHOLE book is worth it just for the ending. I mean don't get me wrong this book was AMAZING from start to finish....Robin is an AMAZING writer....but the ending to this book. *fans self* is just something that words cannot do justice. But so worth it. So go get your copy and get lost in the story of Shane and Kagan!!!



In Her Accidental Boyfriend Kagan designs jewelry similar to this beautiful pink pearl double wrap bracelet that is up for grabs.

Praise for Robin Bielman

Robin Bielman is a must read! ~ NYT Bestselling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson 
"Sweet, sassy, and toe-curlingly sexy, my *secret wish* is to live inside the pages of this story!" ~ Rachel Harris, author of Seven Day Fiancé

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