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Blog Tour: Veiled Shadows by Morgan Wylie

Okay so on today's tour stop we have Morgan Wylie's second book in The Age of Alandria series. I love that I am able to be apart of this tour because I love this series!!! 


Shadows linger where light is obstructed, and truth is veiled.

Evil is an untreated disease in the once beautiful realm of Alandria.

Kaeleigh is faced with a revelation that she must reconcile. She will decide if discovering the truth is worth the unknown consequences to both herself and her friends.

Daegan, the Ferrishyn warrior, is conflicted by more than his loyalties, and is confronted with emotions he doesn’t know how to deal with. A choice must be made. A choice… that may cost him more than he ever wanted to give.

The Droch-Shúil—enforcers and servants of the ancient darkness—continue to cast their shadow over Alandria seeking those who can be turned to their side.

The magic of The Orchids is growing, but not everyone will survive what is to come.

Veiled Shadows is the second installment in The Age of Alandria series: the story of the Sol-lumieth’s quest for freedom of self and the power to battle the evil of the Droch-Shúil.

***Veiled Shadows is the second book in the Age of Alandria Series***

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About the Author:

Morgan Wylie, originally from the Pacific Northwest, now resides near Nashville, TN with her husband and daughter. She and her husband work everyday at their individual and combined creative pursuits while she learns to balance being “Mama”, wife, and mediator to the many voices and muses constantly chattering in her head.

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Meagan's Review:

Can I tell you  how much I love fantasy books? A whole lot. Don't get me wrong I love "real" romance novels, but in fantasy you can truly get lost in someone else's world and make it your own when you read. So much detail and dreams and thoughts and words go into creating a whole new world (not trying to play of Aladdin). But when one creates a fantasy world and does it well there is no end to the magical imagination that is created. And Morgan's book's do exactly this and she does it EXTREMELY well. I cannot give her enough praises for that. Alandria is a magical world that I wish I could be apart of. 

Okay so this book begins where our first book Silent Orchids left off. Kaeleigh, Daegan, Finn and Chel are in the middle of the woods and we come across some long lost family of Kaeleigh's that she never knew existed. She ends up meeting her grandfather and learns about her father and his "condition". 

I think this book will slightly get mixed reviews because there was not a ton of action that went on. The main focus was on Kaeleigh and her character and how she comes into her character and coming to terms with her "true" nature. I really love Kaeleigh and her character and I just naturally wanted to get to know her better and wish her the best and become completely involved with her character that I wanted to know what would happen next with her. Of course she has her moments and struggles, but I'm still rooting for her. 

And of course what does any awesome book need to have?? Romance!!! And it's thrown in during this book and I loved every moment of it. I'm also interested to see what the future holds because there are a few thoughts running through my head about the romance of this book. 

This book for the most part held my interest. There were some parts I wanted to run over, but for the most part I loved every moment of it. I love Alandria and everything that is happening in this world; both good and bad. I hoped for a little more action throughout the story, but again I understand the reason for this book and the progression it needed to take. This book brings things together and I'm hoping that will bridge itself to the next one and more action takes place then. So make sure to go get your copy and keep up with the magical world of Alandria and Kaeleigh and her life. 

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