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Blog Tour: Surrender to Fate by Jacelyn Rye


Some say fate holds the cards. But what if love deals the hand? No love goes untested. Ever. Indeed, true love is left to prove itself. And that is exactly where fate steps in to play the game.

For William and Sarah, that game begins with growing up, in the unspoiled mountains of Colorado. In a time and space as clear as the Rocky Mountain skies above, these young souls together learn about life, what
matters most, what endures, what doesn’t, and about love. Innocent young love moves ever so surely toward lives they both can picture, lives spent loving each other in a place they know so well and cherish.

Will and Sarah are ecstatically swept away in the swells of new love. And it is in their rarefied bliss that they make the fragile promise of first love, a promise that fate will soon rock and pound into doubt, guilt, and epiphany.

Unexpected and unprepared, these young lovers are suddenly torn apart, first by distance, and then by the far greater pressures of temptation that test the very fidelity of their heart-held promise. No longer able to console each other, hold each other, touch each other, they face the inevitable decision: move on to other loves, or cling to the faith that they will someday be together, again.

Will and Sarah
stare down an unknown path, sensing destiny will not wait long before it comes to take them. Wracked with doubt, they wonder if their love was real. Caged by guilt, they both feel tempted by others intent on stealing their hearts.

Fate plays hardest when love is tested. And Will and Sarah are no exception, letting go of their happy past to embrace hope for an uncharted future. Love plays hardest when fate tests. And so it is, even through their trials of the heart, Will and Sarah never really stop loving each other. Theirs is a love so real and pure that each just wants the other to find happiness, even if it’s with another.

But fate does not surrender so easily. Dealing blow upon blow, both Will and Sarah are each struck by jolting events that take them to the very edge of life, itself.

Sarah and Will hold tightly to their past, but steadfast promises begin to wane. Life continues, filled with romance, drama, and two souls yearning to understand the challenges brought with coming of age, and learning that fate is ultimately in control. What happens to love when life is on the line? Can they both relinquish control when love is on the line? Will fate even allow them to find out?

About the Author:

Jacelyn spent her childhood growing up in the mountains of Colorado.  After graduating from college, she moved to Southern California, where she still resides with her husband and two young sons.

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Meagan's Review: 

Ahhhh can I tell you how much I loved this book!!! The prologue to this book was amazing and I couldn't wait to know how that situation and the deep feelings/meaning behind it came to be. I loved every minute (even the bad ones) of Will and Sarah.

The story takes place is Colorado Rocky Mountains and the description that Jacelyn gives the reader is unbelievable  I've never been to Colorado, but after reading this book not only do I want to, but I feel like I've been there before. This book had so much emotion with its characters and it's because of that reason why I liked it so much and I think made it a great story. 

Will and Sarah share one of those my first crush/love/undying love for one another. It's one of those loves that almost everyone can relate to. But sadly Sarah has to move away and with this being the late 30's early 40's and in the Rocky Mountains keeping in touch and seeing each other is a little more difficult.  So what began as a promising undying love for one another quickly became tested. Both Will and Sarah felt that the other would move on and so therefore, they both thought they should move on. To try and be happy and wish the best for the other. And that's exactly what we are given, Will and Sarah both have a separate romantic story with other new people. (In most stories only one person moves on and the other is left there waiting, so I found this as an awesome story line because it makes things more complicated). 

This book has many twists and turns and I found that I just could not put this book down because I needed to know what was going to happen. (I lost some sleep over this book). And OMG the cliffhanger at the end....Thank God this is part of a series otherwise I'd might be throwing my nook at the wall. lol  There are so many ways in which Jacelyn can take the story and I'm dying to know which one she chooses. Because it seems that while fate keeps bringing these two together it keeps tearing them apart. How does true love conquer all when it seems all the odds are against you?

So I find that sometimes  not always but there is just one character that I want to smack around and I just absolutely hate. This book has one of those and her horrid name is Margaret. And it's not that I don't like her or just hate her she is just a horrid human being and I absolutely loath her. Grrr.....

With that being said the actual writing of this book is something to be in awe of and inspired by. It is a rarity that an author can just immediately suck the reader in and make them experience and relate to everything the characters are feeling. I felt their love and sadness and heartache and laughter and swoon moments and everything else in-between. I actually found myself crying at moments in this book. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end and the stupid cliffhanger. I mean I need the next book like now. I need to know what is going to happen. So make sure to grab your copy and get lost in this wonderful story and these amazing characters because it is so worth it!!!



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