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Little Black Dress and Bella Key by Scarlet Chastain

Okay so this post is going to be a little different. Since I read both of these awesome books by Scarlet Chastain I'm putting them into the same post. These two books were my introduction into something completely new for me. Both of these books were my first F/F books and I LOVED THEM!!!! And I have to send a HUGE HUGE thanks out to Scarlet for sending me this books for an honest review and for her pure awesomeness!!!

Little Black Dress


Never underestimate the power of the little black dress... 

Paris: The romance and fashion capital of the world. So what the hell makes Jamie Scotts, an IT geek from New York, think the city of lights holds the answers? Driven by need for change, she lies to her boss about her fluency in French and becomes the company’s first international sales person. Fluent? She can barely ask for directions to the ladies’ room.

Jamie’s a duck out of water with her low maintenance style and New York accent. Her unsuccessful sales pitch almost sends her home, until she meets the epitome of elegance, Giselle Bianchi. An unlikely relationship blossoms as the dress designer takes Jamie under her wing. Giselle’s guidance not only reveals Jamie’s missing je ne sais quoi, but also unlocks repressed passion with the help of a little black dress.

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Meagan's Review:

This was a great introduction read into the F/F world of books. When reading this book I can say that if I was a woman struggling with my sexuality that this book is definitely something that would help. Our one main character Jamie is in Paris trying to make her way Internationally with her company. She works in I.T. and isn't having the best time in gaining clients or a sale. Then one day Jamie meets Giselle. Giselle helps Jamie with her dress outfits and learning how to talk to the French and what points to market and how to truly be effective. These two start spending a lot of time together getting to know one another and before long become best friends. One day Giselle tells Jamie her biggest secret...that she's not into men, but rather women. This throws Jamie a little, but doesn't really put any type of rift in their friendship. But through time and different relationships that Jamie comes into contact with she starts to realize a few things. She's never really had a boyfriend and sometimes the thought of women wasn't always the purest. 

Once this is the mind track Jamie is going down the book kind of takes an interesting turn. Misconceptions are made along with misunderstandings. Feelings are brought up and questioned. Life choices are questioned? And then the question becomes will Jamie realize her true feelings before it's too late? Will she find a happy ending? Is it the one she wants? Could she finally have what she's been searching for and never really knew it? There are a few questions that one has while reading this book and while it was a quick read, it was the perfect introduction in the F/F world and what one could expect from this type of book. I'd definitely recommend this book for someone who is questioning their sexuality or someone just looking at reading something new. 

Soul Fire 

About the Author:

Scarlet Chastain is the semi-secret pseudonym of a multi-published, best selling author of sensual erotic romance. Scarlet's focus is female-centric sizzling stories written about women, for women.

She lives in the suburban shadows of New York City but her heart belongs to the beaches of Key West. Scarlet can usually be found in her favorite chair of her newly acquired writing cave.

If you ask her nicely, she will usually tell you her other pen name. She's sweet that way.

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Bella Key


Maddie Jacobs must be crazy. At least that’s what her mother thinks. Professionally, she’s confident and
secure; personally, she’s a hot mess. Not even a marriage proposal from a man who adores her can quell her search for something more.

In need of an escape, Maddie flees to Key West’s most southern island, Bella Key, to rest and recharge at Casa Bonita. She almost gives up on weekend retreat when the Bed & Breakfast is closed for repairs until Sunny Rojas, the inn owner, extends an offer of friendship, sweet tea and a room. Still reeling from a breakup with her longtime partner, Sunny is thankful for the diversion from her own broken heart.

The arrival of a fierce storm forces the women’s emotional journey to a head and leads them into each other’s arms. But can Maddie throw her hangups to the wind and go with her heart? The magic of Bella Key teaches her that passion cannot be placed neatly into boxes labeled right and wrong, because love knows no boundaries. 

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so on the recommendation of this wonderful author I read Bella Key after I read Little Black Dress. Little Black Dress was a great book introduction book and Bella Key was a little more detailed. Overall it was still a great book. When we first meet Maddie she's very consumed in her work. But you can see she's crashing and burning. Running from a man who wants to marry her, her mother thinks she's crazy and she's sort of lost. So she decides to take a mini vacation away from everything and the perfect little place to escape is Bella Key (after reading this book I want to escape to Bella Key). 

As Maddie pulls up into a Bed and Breakfast she has to pee. However, she finds out quickly that the B&B is closed for repairs. She ends up running into Sunny and asks if she can use the bathroom before she leaves. Sunny and Maddie talk for a few minutes and it ends up that Sunny tells her she can stay the weekend at the B&B. In talking Maddie finds out that Sunny has recently broken up from a relationship with her girlfriend and Maddie gives some of her story. The next day they head out to the beach to hang out and meet some people and Maddie gets the surprise of her life. Beyond that there are some questionable feelings that come up for Maddie and she begins to question a lot in her life. This book was a little more graphic than Little Black Dress, but didn't over do it or make it too much to was just the right fit. 

Even though this was a quick read it still head my attention from the beginning. I wanted to know what path Maddie would follow because she questioned a lot of things. She took some risks and opened up about things and also made some not so wise decisions. Will she be able to figure out what she wants before its too late? Does she want to be with Sunny? Does Sunny want to be with her? What will her future hold? All those questions are answered in this book. Make sure to check it out. 

Soul Fire

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