Fun Facts About Me

Hey guys!!!

My name is Meagan or Megz. I have  a son Jace and two daughters Everly and Aubrey and I got all of their names from reading a book. They are my world and I'm so excited because they love reading books and having books read to them and that just makes me a happy momma!! I live in Columbus Ohio......woot woot Go Buckeyes!!! I'm a very easy going person who enjoys laughing, joking and having a good time. If I'm not getting lost in a book then I'm probably dancing like a crazy person with my kiddies. 

I've always loved books for as long as I can remember. One of the first books I ever got was one that my aunt made for me and to this day I still have it and passed it down to both of my children. I love walking into book stores like Barnes and Noble and just walking up to the shelves full of books and losing myself trying to find the next novel I want to read. And I also love the smell of books....something I've grown to miss since getting my Kindle....but I wouldn't give up my Kindle for anything in the world, because it has opened me up to new and exciting reads and authors. The books that really get my interest are the paranormal fiction, science fiction and some romance and of course kids books (since I don't have a choice with that one).

I started this blog because Barnes and Noble and Goodreads and Amazon just weren't doing it enough for me to give me an insight into a book. Goodreads is still probably my favorite, but I still wanted something more. I looked through some blogs and love what people have done, but I still wanted some of a critique of a book; good or bad and let others know about it. Not everyone loves to read and maybe they just haven't found something they love to get their interest and maybe my blog could help do that for  them.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out  my blog!!

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