Ratings and Reviews

When doing reviews I am open to suggestions of books or authors. Since I'm just starting out nothing is off the table. My passion is with paranormal, but I will read almost anything. So if you want to me read a particular book and do a rating and review just send me a message and let me know. My rating scale is a little different than most people would know, but there are a handful of people that will understand and to that I am grateful. 

My Rating Scale is from 1-5 with 1 being lowest and 5 highest

Fel Flame - I cannot recommend

Shadow Bolt - Meh, it was an okay read

Immolate - It was  a decent/good read

 Soul Fire - It was a great read


And on the rare occasion that a book shocks me or does something completely unexpected

Rain of Fire - OMG did that really just happen?!? 

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