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Blog Tour: Just One Reason by Kirsten DeMuzio


As teenagers, Lindsay and Grady found a love together that few people are lucky enough to ever experience.

When Lindsay Ross decided to visit her aunt for the summer in a small lake town in New York, she didn’t expect anything other than an escape from her demanding parents.  She certainly didn’t expect Grady Hawke.  At the end of the summer, Lindsay and Grady made plans for their future and vowed to be together forever.  Back in New York City, events beyond her control forced Lindsay to turn her back on Grady and their love.

Grady has spent the last five years trying to forget the one girl who broke his heart.  But when Lindsay arrives back in town unannounced, will Grady get to know the woman she has become and find out the real reason she left him all those years ago?  Or will he push her away for good?

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I am an author of new adult and contemporary romance novels.  My husband and I live in Columbus, Ohio with our two young daughters and happy golden retriever.  When I’m not spending time with my family, I can be found doing one of my other favorite activities - writing, reading and napping.  

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so again I find myself "struggling" with writing some of my reviews because I want to give you guys sooo much because the book is so awesome, but I don't want to give too much away because it takes away from you experiencing that awesomeness. With that said I loved this book. The story line is one that can truly touch another. Are Lindsay and Grady really meant to be? Dare I say soul mates? Or is it always going to be one of those what ifs? I know that I can personally relate which is why I might really connect and love this story. Because even though I'll always have that what if? I know that someone else's story was told that I can relate to and just maybe they find their happy ending.

Our story begins where the previous one (Safe With Me also an awesome book) left off. Grady and Lindsay fell in love over the summer and it was just one of those romances that its the can't eat, can't sleep reach for the stars kind of love. However, after stupidity and evil people the forever romance didn't last. This books takes place about 5 years into the future. Lindsay is trying to figure out her life while trying to mend her broken heart. She ends up moving in with her Aunt Lana back in the small town where she fell in love with Grady. We also don't find out right away why Lindsay ended the relationship, but when I did find out I felt terrible for these two. 

 However, fate intervened and had their paths cross one another again. I hate when men act out of stupidity and lash out over things that happened years ago. However, at the same time I understand it. Grady was hurt over Lindsay's actions and even thought it was years ago his scar is still fresh. It is with that information that I can understand his reaction to seeing Lindsay again. However, it still sucked and he was very much an asshat. But I guess when you're still in love with the girl that broke your heart it kind of makes sense. 

From here of course the whole situation was kind of funny because these two really didn't want to talk. But once they did things started coming together. For the entire book I hated Lindsay's mother. I have quite a few choice words for her. And I had a few gasps and REALLY?!? in this book. 

Overall I loved the characters. They were so easy to relate to and love that you couldn't help but get lost in their story. I laughed and cried and swooned and hated and grew angry and laughed some more and just overall enjoyed this book. It was amazenly written and would make a great weekend read. I highly recommend this book. So make sure to go get your copy. I'm hoping that Kirsten wirtes another in this series and it is for one of the friends. I'm dying to learn more and read more and feel all sorts of other emotions. 

Soul Fire 


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