Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spotlight: Operation Saving Daniel by Nina Croft


At eighteen, Melissa seduced her best friend Julia's brother only to run away shortly after. While Daniel was her fairytale prince, Lissa didn’t believe in happy ever afters.

Ten years and a near death experience later, Lissa is ready for a husband and family. But a cry for help from Julia puts that dream on hold. Daniel is acting weird and he’s about to marry his long term girlfriend—AKA The Evil One. Someone needs to save him.

Daniel has never stopped loving Lissa. Ten years ago when he gave her a little freedom, he always intended that one day they would be together. Right up until the moment he was bitten by a werewolf. Now, Daniel has to hide what he is. He won’t risk anyone else, especially the woman he loves.

But Lissa is back. Their attraction is stronger than ever and Lissa is nothing if not tenacious.

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Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as
a volunteer in Zambia, which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of nine-to-five work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

Nina's writing mixes romance with elements of paranormal and science fiction.

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Meagan's Review:

*sigh* I love Nina Croft. She makes the most interesting and amazing paranormal books I've read in a really long time. She just sucks you in and you can't help but get lost in the book and the storyline and of course the characters. So in knowing that Nina writes AMAZING paranormal books when I first started reading this book I was slightly confused. Older sibling has crush and younger sisters best friend and is holding out hope for something to be there. Secretly they both have feelings for each other. Normal normal normal and normal. They have one night of awesomeness and feelings pretty much come out and Lissa runs from those feelings and Daniel sort of tries to get her to stay. More normalcy. And then we go 10 years in the future. Lissa almost died and realizes she loves Daniel and has been in love with him forever. So between her and Daniel's sisters she heads back home. Only to find out that Daniel has been with a woman the sisters refer to as the Evil One....and let me tell you that name does not do enough justice for that woman.  

Anyways when Lissa first meets with Daniel again...he's off. He's is not the man he used to be and it's really unsettling to see the difference. However, once we get to Daniels pov a few things fall into place. 1st Daniel HATES Sophia. Interesting right? 2nd nothing in Daniel's life has been the same for awhile now. Finally some paranormalness. As the story continues we find out that Daniel is a werewolf and he's also a geneticist. Interesting mix of traits. 3rd Daniel is still in love with Lissa. Daniel's life is complicated and the interactions between Lissa and Daniel and Lissa and Sophia and Daniel and Sophia are all interesting and we find out that Sophia is also a werewolf and is pretty much keeping "close" tabs on Daniel and his actions. 

As the story continues I think my favorite part comes when Lissa finds out that Daniel is a werewolf. Her reaction is amazing because she basically accepts it and goes, "Ohhh that makes so much sense." lol not OMG you're a big harry thing that could eat people and you change once a month and a whole other things...but no her response is ohhh hey yeah I can see that. But what makes this reaction even better is when Julie (Daniel's sister and Lissa's best friend) finds out about Daniel and Sophia. Julia is a little taken back by her bother being a werewolf, but her reaction to finding out that Sophia is a werewolf is..."Ohhh hey that makes so much sense." lol 

Overall this was a great book. Action, romance and laughter....everything I could want in a book. Daniel is trying to get out of the pack or at least take down the Alpha to get out and he goes about it in a way that is very interesting. Something I'm pretty sure I've never heard of before. Which I always love when authors put something like that into books. Will Daniel be able to overthrow Ethan (the Alpha) who is over 200 years old? Can Lissa please bitch slap Sophia???? Please I'd pay money to see that. Will Daniel and Lissa ever find a way to be together....even after all this time?? Will Daniel make it out alive?? All these questions and more are answered in this amazing book by Nina so make sure to go get your copy.



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