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Blog Tour: Overseer by Jenny Woods


To the outside world Chloe Rain is just another beautiful young woman. What they don’t know is she is a whole lot more. She is a fairy and one of the best Overseers in the world. She has given her life to protect mankind from threats they don’t even know exist. Life for her has always been about her work, but when her new partner Ryan shows up she is not prepared for him. She is quickly dealing with emotions and desires she has never had before. Will these new emotions get in the way of her stopping the rouge fairy Stella?

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Jenny Woods is a Native American from the Kickapoo tribe of Oklahoma. She resides in Oklahoma with her husband and three beautiful girls. She loves to read and get lost in a good story. It is her love of books that led her to writing her own stories. She loves football, movies, music, art, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so this book was a very pleasant surprise. After reading the blurb I was intrigued, but I wasn't sure how well I would like it. Let me say this book was great!!! It had such an interesting and different take on the paranormal world, that you can't help but fall in love with it. So in this book the fairies are basically the Police of the supernatural world/moral world and call themselves Overseers. Most of the time fairies are depicted as evil little tricksters or dainty and not really fighters or for the good of everyone, they are mostly about themselves in that particular moment. So that in itself was interesting. Along with a few other details that I'll get into in a minute.

Okay so our story starts off with Chloe Rain. She is on a mission tracking a demon with her partner Tym. Well one things leads to another and Chloe becomes partnerless. As we come into present day Chloe has become one of the best Overseers both out in the field and training new Overseers. She's been on assignment for about a year and is about to catch a break and finally get a new partner. Chloe has also made a new best friend...a human and his name is Luke. Luke's a pretty funny guy I really like him. Part of an Overseers job is to check in on the fairies who decide to come live in the mortal world of a bit. To make sure everything is going okay and if they have come into contact with any issues. You can sense when someone is being truthful or lying and I love the way Chloe approaches it. In this book people aren't offended to be check on, or angered or anything, just honest answers (for the most part) and it's really simple and painless and again I was pleasantly surprised. 

As we continue along there is a knock at the door and Chloe is going to meet her new partner. As soon as she opens the door and sees Ryan standing there EVERYTHING changes. So in the fairy world you date and develop these feelings for one another and if you decide that the other person is your Semper (your always and forever) you seeking a blessing from each of the families and then exchange marks and then you are mated for life...ohhh and have lots of babies like 20 to 30 babies. However, the rarity of first meeting someone before even knowing them and finding out they are your Semper is almost unheard of. But this is exactly what Ryan and Chloe have...and it only makes the story interesting. The awkwardness at first as well as the temptation to keep hands off each other is interesting and comical. Furthermore, fairies don't sleep, they mediate for a few hours and are completely rested. However, with the arrival of Ryan, Chloe seems to meditate....A LOT. Ohhh and another side note...these people's water bills must be threw the roof!!!! I've never read or heard of anyone taking as many showers as Chloe and Ryan seem to do. Every time I came across them saying they were going to get a shower all I kept thinking is OMG how do you afford your water bill. Beyond that fairies EAT A LOT too!!! 

Anyways so Chloe and Ryan check in with Henry and realize that demons are following him and this ties in with a bad fairy named Stella. Stella is making vampires. How you ask? Yeah I asked that several times it came up because all I kept thinking is...she's a fairy....they are does that work?? Well don't worry that question gets answered and it's interesting. The rest of the book a lot happens. They meet an Alpha werewolf whom I absolutely love!!! Who helps them out on more than one occasion. Luke ends up finding out that the supernatural world does exist and that turns out interesting. Chloe and Ryan always seem close to catching Stella, but she always seems to escape. Will they ever catch her? Will they put an end to her plotting? Why are the demons working with her? Why aren't they just killing everyone like they always do? What about the missing fairies? Will Chloe and Ryan be able to hold off on their attraction for each other and not mark each other till they get back home? Will they live long enough to get back home? What about Luke? He now that okay? 

So many questions that get answered in this book and while the end of the book isn't a is at the same time. I was so excited to hear about what was coming and all I got was a slight taste. I WANT MORE!!! Stoked about the next book and can't wait to read it. I highly recommend this book because it is truly great and different and you'll love it and get lost in the characters and storyline. Rooting for good to triumph over evil. Waiting to see if Chloe can seek out the justice she is looking for. 



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