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Blog Tour: Incarnation by Susan Nolan


Katherine Blair has no idea she possesses supernatural abilities. Not until Richard St. James, an intriguing and mysterious classmate with powerful skills of his own, initiates her into his world.  Wanting to explore her newfound shape-shifting powers, she spends time getting to know Richard, only to find herself increasingly drawn to him as time goes by.

Haunted by dreams of ancient times, she is caught in a desperate struggle against past injustice. The link to this unknown past experience sends her own life plummeting into the dark realms of revenge and murder, as she attempts to reconcile her feelings for the young man she’s come to rely on to protect her and keep their shared secret.

Will Katherine and Richard be able to break the spell that has held her captive through the years, before it consumes her? Can their budding young love survive tragedy, or will they be torn apart?

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Driven: What drives me to write….

Honestly, it’s those stories inside my head that insists on being told.  I have always loved to share stories.  Joining literary discussion groups in high school, reading books to my children and making up adventures to entertain them, being part of books clubs as an adult.  They were all ways to satisfy the need to share the reading experience.  It gets even better when the stories are your own. Sometimes at night I have to get up and jot down my ideas because they won’t go away until they become part of the “real world” by being recorded on paper. When I am out walking, inspired what I see around me, I have to hurry home and get on the computer. There is almost a sense of urgency about it… like having a brief glimpse of a bit of magic and not wanting it to get away!

What can sometimes interfere with this process are commitments to daily life. There are many obstacles that may prevent you from sitting down and just getting to it.  I recently saw a post from a fellow author that said, “Today I WILL write.” That kind of determination is important.  I find that many things demand my attention and putting them off in order to write almost seems self-indulgent.  I may procrastinate and carry on with other things that need to be done.  I have to allow myself to put them aside and to focus on my work.  Then, I do lose track of the “real world”, become totally lost in my story and am always amazed, several hours later at how much time has passed since I sat down to write!

About the Author:

Susan Nolan can’t imagine a world without books and loves to share the adventure by creating stories of her
own. The realms of fantasy and mystery are her preferred genres and, reading or writing, she becomes easily lost between the pages of a good book. She loves to travel and draws on the sights and sounds of her experiences to weave the tapestry of her work. Immersed in the world of literature from a very early age she strives to create a story that you just can’t put it down.  Susan was born in England but emigrated to Canada as a child, and now resides in Southern Ontario with her husband and her three children.

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so this book was interesting. I really enjoyed reading it, but it left me with a lot more questions and answers. I'm hoping there's going to be a second one because there are a lot of things I need answered. Our story starts with Katherine/Kit/Kitten (if your're really special) and talking about the school she is in. She has her best friend Beth and that's about it. During class one day she hears something and doesn't really think anything about it until she looks behind her and sees Richard St. James staring at her. Hmm....I feel a plot coming involving him. lol 

As the story continues weird things start to happen around Kit. Richard seems to take a real interest in her now.....apparently they used to be close as children and then grew apart and now he's trying to get close again. Although it's really awkward. I can't tell if he actually likes her or not. Obviously, she likes him and would love to have a more than teacher/student/friends relationship, but his feelings are....I'm not even sure how to name it. So he protects her and is very protective (and no there is a difference) he seems like he wants to kiss her and holds her hand, he comforts her and all those things. But Richard has a girlfriend...uggg piece of work that one. Well I think she's his girlfriend. He hugs her and she kisses him and he takes her places (like a date) and all, but at the same time he seems distant from her. Like I said it's odd and off putting and I'm not sure how to take these relationships. 

Furthermore, her best friend Beth falls for the bad boy Damon, who seems to be interested in Kit. Well one thing leads to another and Beth ends up missing. While helping in the search (against Richard's "orders"...idiot) Kit finally knows where to find Beth. The oddity of this is that Kit has has weird dreams about the past for awhile now. The history behind this is terrible and sad and there are just not enough words to express the feelings I had. 

Richard's job is to help Kit control her powers. Ohhh yeah forgot to mention...she can shape shift among other things. So can Richard. The history that adds to this story is that Richard's father has gone missing....the thought of foul play could be involved and then Kit's parents were in an "accident" although things may relate to what Kit and her father are. Someone is out to get revenge for the history and things that have happened recently. In the end I think we only get a piece of the puzzle, the way the story ends it seems like there could and needs to be more. There are too many questions left unanswered and I'm still not sure where Richard and Kit are.....together? Not together? In like? In love? Friends? Pure awkwardness? Overall, I like the book, the story line and the characters I just want more. I want to know what is going to happen next. Now that a choice ahs been made and things are coming together...what is going to happen in Kit's future?

Soul Fire

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