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Blog Tour: Shattered by Fate by Jacelyn Rye

Title: Shattered by Fate (Part Two of Fate's Path)
Author: Jacelyn Rye


One heart cannot remember. Another heart cannot forget. Both hearts reach toward something to grasp. For Sarah, it is her past. For Will, it is to bring that past back. The only thing standing squarely in their way — is their future. Each has promised their heart and life to another. But where happiness should be, instead are the dark billowing clouds of a storm of reckoning. The thunder of regret splits a horizon now raining down upon them in shards of shattered promises and unreachable memories. In Book One of this three-part saga, fate seemed it would not be denied, bringing Sarah and Will together in a turbulent world, uniting young hearts for the right reason: love. But — almost as if it has eyes — fate sees to it that no love that is meant to be is allowed to be, without it being tested to the passionate edges of chance. Accidents. Small ones are remembered and retold with a laugh. Useful ones are celebrated. But shattering ones — those are the ones that slip from the fingers of fate. The kinds that are followed by silence as it roars the sound of life changing. And it is this pounding drone that Sarah and Will — once inseparable — now hear when they listen to their hearts. After her accident, Sarah awakens in a hospital room and into a very different life. Will, accidentally buried by heavy timber when he heroically saves a fellow worker, is also delivered into his own unforeseen, disoriented new life. Destiny’s dust never settles. And nothing is clear when doubts appear. Sarah is betrothed to Adley, while Will is engaged to Margaret, yet both are still connected to each other by an indescribable draw seemingly groping out from the deepest reaches of fate. A fate that deliberately leaves the door of temptation cracked open, giving Will a yearning peek at the naked truth of Sarah, who reaches out with the same tortured passions. A fate that leaves both to fight the desperate desires of wanting what each knows they cannot have. A fate that dares them to ask, “What will happen if I finally feel you?”


He carried her into her room, but paused to use his foot to swing the door closed behind them.  He gently laid her on the bed, pulled his arms from under her, and kneeled onto the bed. As he brought his body directly over Sarah’s, she looked up at him, both of their eyes pleading with the other for permission.
No words would come.  The emotion flooding her body now was something completely new, yet so unbelievably familiar.  It was as if she were under a spell.  A wonderful, scary spell.  She reached up to his shoulders and ran her hands to the back of his head.  She gently weaved her fingers into his hair.  Her robe opened slightly with the movement of her arms. It was time.  Time to surrender.
He moved slowly toward her and stopped just above her waiting mouth.  “Sarah,” he whispered, so quietly that she barely heard.  “I’ve dreamt of this for so long.  Please tell me I’m not dreaming, now.”
She ran her hands through his hair again, and shook her head.  “Maybe, it is all a dream.  If it is, I don’t want to wake up.  Please,” she said, as tears filled her eyes, “please, kiss me.”
Copyright Jacelyn Rye 

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Books in Fate's Path Series:
The books are not stand alone. For your reading enjoyment, please read the books in order.
1--Surrender to Fate
2--Shattered by Fate
3--Chosen by Fate (Releasing Early 2014)  

Book 1:

Surrender to Fate (Part One of Fate's Path) :

About the Author:

Jacelyn Rye is many things. She can be as alluring as the love that flows from her pen: pure, honest, simple. But then, like a storm that suddenly appears over the mountain, she can also have you running for shelter where there’s no place to hide. Like life, itself, Jacelyn delivers the hard with the soft, the pain with the joy, the instant with the forever. All of it, for a reason. And it’s there that one can best enter her life.

“I believe in signs, I believe everything happens for a reason,” she’ll tell you. If you know someone like that, you already know a primal piece of Jacelyn — a person who actually listens to the Universe because there, she knows she’ll find more than answers, she’ll find reasons. And those reasons give her insights about nature, and human nature, both of which she invites us to explore with her.

Growing up in the blue sky country of Colorado doesn’t leave an impression, it becomes a lifeblood. For Jacelyn, the clarity of that truth flows through her stories, her characters and her inherent spirituality that somehow knows faith, in the end, triumphs over despair.

Through her storytelling — firmly stimulated by that early country life that taught her to always be prepared when venturing forth — Jacelyn’s uncanny ability to “see” what could happen takes readers into a crystal ball where the future’s many possible outcomes await in a swirl of incandescence, right down to the details of smell, touch, fear, love.

Because life also presents its possibilities in dreams, Jacelyn holds dear that open door. “My dreams mean a lot to me. I listen to them, solve problems in them, learn from them,” she confides. It figures, then, that when you read her stories, you’d best get ready for a trip with an original dream weaver.

And then, there’s serendipity. To know Jacelyn is to accept a dance with chance. She accepted one such chance when she moved from her beloved Colorado to an unknown life awaiting her in Southern California, where she lives today. “I knew another beautiful world was out there. I was ready for adventure,” she says, with the confidence that proves her faith is more than just words. “I moved from Colorado as soon as I graduated from college, thanks to a great job offer. The night after I received my job offer, I saw a commercial that said, ‘California, find yourself here.’ In that moment, I stopped debating the move and took it as a sign that my adventure would be found in California.”

As Jacelyn does so well, she shares those adventures in her writing. In her first book series, you’ll find Jacelyn’s experiences of this major life change play out in Sarah, who also moves from Colorado to California. “What I’ve seen and felt enable me to write realistically about how a Colorado mountain girl feels about living in California.”

In the quiet mornings, you’ll find Jacelyn savoring her coffee, outside. To her, it’s all about listening, breathing in, appreciating being here for another day. And of course, there’s time spent in the mountains, fishing, wading in creeks with the people she loves. Curiously, this girl who comes from the mile-high mountains, still fears the miles-deep ocean she frequently visits, but only to sink her toes in the hot sand and watch, in awe and respect, the thundering surf.

On any given day, be it in the mountains, at the beach, or on her terrace, Jacelyn is dreaming and writing, her way of sharing something meaningful with those who come to know her.

One thing is for sure, wherever she goes, wherever she’s been, Jacelyn is aware and thankful for the gifts around her. Indeed, although she does not get back to Colorado that often, she’s there in spirit, and in absolute detail, in a moment’s call. “The smells, the sound aspen leaves make when the wind asks them to dance, how tall pines gently sway back and forth against a backdrop of the bluest blue I’ve ever known.” That’s someone who takes it all in, who takes it all with her, and who offers it to everyone who opens her books.

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so this book began right where the last one left off.....with lots of unanswered questions.....tragedy and stupidity and the stupid she devil. Okay so the first book kind of angered me a lot....stupid William. Okay so if you haven't read the first book don't read this review because it will ruin everything for you. 

Okay so for Sarah she and her parents were just in a car accident. This is after her family moves to California, she hears nothing from Will, she finds out that Will's mother was in an accident, Will is getting married (idiot), and she's met Adley. Now in the first book I completely fell in love with the story of Will and Sarah....I'm just a complete sucker for them. However, when I finished book one I was yelling at my nook so much because the STUPID SHE DEVIL and stupid idiot Will. Okay so when Sarah is in California she meets Adley. Right away there is a connection there. Sarah tries to fight it, even though they are friends...there is still a little something more here. Over the years these two have become close and with no word from Will and finding out he's getting married she decides it's time for her to move on as well. And while I have some reservation with Adley, I do like him and Sarah together. They could be really good together if she could get over Will, however, before he is drafted for the war Adley proposes to Sarah and she accepts. 

So when the accident happens Sarah is the only survivor, however the issue is that Sarah can't remember any of her childhood. So one thing leads to another and Will's dad Henry comes out to California and in talking to Sarah he brings her back to Colorado to help get her memory back. On the flip side of this Will was in an accident and by some miracle survived it. He is engaged to Margaret a.k.a the she devil and while Will is not doing it for love....he's blinded by effing lust and I would love to get that boy out in a lonely field to beat the crap out of maybe....maybe knock some sense into him. He angers me so much with this "relationship" with the stupid she devil. Sarah wan't even gone that long and yes he mopped for a bit, but then ohh the she devil comes up in her stupid tight clothes and she's Sarah's ONLY and I mean ONLY enemy and frickin Will throws Sarah out the window. Ohhh I shouldn't do this, I promised Sarah. I said I'd love her forever and no distance should be a problem. I promised her Me Ware Wo......but as soon as she is out of sight....I mean I get temptation but it was more than that its ...ohh hi Margaret (she devil) I'm lonely and want to be alone...but hey nice outfit and metaphors and ohh look boobs. AHHHH

Anyways so save Will's family's farm he is going to marry the she devil. Her family is terrible. And Will takes no time in using temptation to get satisfaction....I thought I might throw up every time they were together. Margaret wants to basically ensure Will is going to be hers and by having sex that's pretty much a good thought. Will gets super close one night, but something holds him back. However, when Henry goes to get Sarah, stupid Will disappoints me and his promise to Sarah and sleeps with Margaret. And honestly at this point I can't bring myself to hold out hope for Will and Sarah to be together. I'd rather Adley come back from the war and sweep Sarah off her feet while she can't remember Will and they live happily ever after. But then the other half of me is still slightly holding out hope.

So when Sarah comes back to Colorado and Will she's her for the first time it's a very awkward and interesting meeting. Will has a hard time with Sarah not remembering him and he tells the she devil and OMG I HATE HER. She tries to manipulate the situation and what I love the most is that even though Sarah can't remember her she still has her gut feeling about her and uses it. Anyways Will and Sarah start to hang out and get to know one another and the feelings come right back and Will has regret over his actions of things he can't take back. One things leads to another and Will and Sarah kiss and more conflicts come up. 

I can't wait till the next book. Sooooo many things I still need answered. What will Will and Sarah end up doing. Will Sarah and Adley end up together? Is he going to come back from the war? What about Matty? Ugg is Will going to marry the she devil? Can fate please pay a role and make that family bankrupt or something and knock her down like 50 pegs and karma...I need lots and lots of karma to come at her. Will Sarah ever get her memories back or will they be forever gone. I can't wait to see how Will and Sarah's lives will play out. Is there some way Will and Sara will ever be together or are they meant to be friends for the rest of their lives. You'll have to make sure to catch up on the lives of Will and Sarah in this book. I highly recommend this book. Jacelyn is a brilliant writer and knows how to keep the reader hanging on to every page and fall in love with characters you wouldn't normally, which only adds to the plot. 


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