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Blog Tour: Master of the Opera by Jeffe Kennedy


Master Of The Opera Act 1: Passionate Overture

In the first tantalizing installment of Jeffe Kennedy's ravishing serial novel Master of the Opera, an innocent young woman is initiated into a sensual world of music, mystery, passion--and one man's private obsession.

Fresh out of college, Christine Davis is thrilled to begin a summer internship at the prestigious Santé Fe Opera House. But on her first day, she discovers that her dream job has a dark side. Beneath the theater, a sprawling maze of passageways are rumored to be haunted. Ghostly music echoes through the halls at night. And Christy's predecessor has mysteriously disappeared. Luckily, Christy finds a friend and admirer in Roman Sanclaro, the theater's wealthy and handsome patron. He convinces her there's nothing to fear--until she hears the phantom's voice for herself. Echoing in the labyrinths. Singing of a lost love. Whispering her name: Christine.

At first, Christy thinks she's hearing things. But when a tall masked man steps out of the shadows--and into her arms--she knows he's not a phantom of her imagination. He is the master of her desire. . .

Master Of The Opera Act 2: Ghost Aria

In the second seductive installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s thrilling Master of the Opera, a young woman falls deeper under the spell of the man who haunts her dreams, fuels her desire, and demands her surrender…

With each passing day of her internship at the Santé Fe Opera House, Christine Davis discovers something new, something exciting—and something frightening. Hidden in the twisting labyrinths beneath the theater is a mysterious man in a mask who, Christy’s convinced, is as real as the rose he left on her desk—and as passionate as the kiss that burns on her lips. He tells her to call him “Master,” and Christy can’t deny him. But when her predecessor—a missing intern—is found dead, Christy wonders if she’s playing with fire…

If her phantom lover is actually a killer, how can she continue to submit to his dark, erotic games? And if he is innocent, how can she resist—or refuse—when he demands nothing less than her body and soul?

Master Of The Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade

In the third enticing installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s enthralling Master of the Opera, a woman finds herself torn between two powerful lovers—and one reckless passion that leaves her aching for more…

After a harrowing night trapped in the tunnels beneath the Santé Fe Opera House, intern Christy Davis finds comfort in the arms of Roman Sanclaro, the opera’s wealthy and gorgeous benefactor. But even as Roman tries to impress her with his lavish lifestyle—and seduce her with his charms—Christy cannot stop obsessing over her other, clandestine lover. Hidden in the labyrinths below, a mysterious masked man has become the master of her desires: a sensual but commanding partner who pushes Christy to the very brink of erotic pleasure…and beyond. No other man can compare. But somewhere, watching from the shadows, a fiercely jealous rival threatens to destroy the erotic secret they share.

Haunted by doubts, deception, and danger, Christy must choose between the warnings in her mind, the feelings in her heart…and the wild, forbidden yearnings that set her body on fire.

Master Of The Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude

In the fourth fiery installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s scintillating Master of the Opera, a woman surrenders—body and soul—to the one man who is everything she desires, everything she craves, and, possibly, everything she fears…

Reeling from the discovery of a dead body in the Santé Fe Opera House, intern Christy Davis is forced to reassess the strange, erotically-charged relationship she’s forged with the mysterious masked man who lives in the labyrinths below. Could her masterful lover be capable of murder, and worse? Perhaps it was the thrill of danger that drew Christy to him in the first place—like a moth to the flame—instead of a more conventional romance with the opera house’s handsome benefactor, Roman. For the sake of her sanity, she must at least give Roman a chance. But for the love of her master, she must give in to every wild fantasy, every wicked game, and every whim he commands…

Is Christy prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? To surrender her heart, her soul, her everything? First she must acknowledge the truth: a woman in love can serve only one master…

Master Of The Opera Act 5: A Haunting Duet

In the fifth erotically charged installment of Jeffe Kennedy's scorching Master of the Opera, a daring young woman follows her reckless desire for the perfect lover—to the point of no return. . .
He is more than just the man of her dreams. He is the master of her destiny. A mysterious masked stranger who haunts the darkened tunnels beneath the Santé Fe Opera House, the Master is like no other lover Christy has ever known. He has lured the beautiful intern to the very brink of ecstasy—and beyond. He has pushed the boundaries of her sensuality and tested the limits of her passion. But now the Master wants more. If Christy accepts his challenge, she must be willing to go further than she's ever gone. She must surrender to his every desire. She must submit to his every command. She must expose herself body and soul—or bear the scars of a broken heart forever. . .

Tonight is the night she must make a choice: to free herself from one man's obsession. . .or bind herself to him for life.

Master Of The Opera Act 6: Crescendo

In the sixth and final installment of Jeffe Kennedy's sizzling Master of the Opera, a man and a woman risk
everything they've ever loved—for the most dangerous passion they've ever known. . .

Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Christy Davis has come under the suspicion of the local police. Since becoming an intern at the Santé Fe Opera House, she has witnessed strange occurrences in the underground tunnels. She has heard inexplicable whispers in the shadows after midnight. And she has found the lover of her dreams in the masked man who lives down below. But after the discovery of a dead body and other sinister events, Christy realizes that her life is in danger. Two men hold her fate in their hands: Roman, the opera house's wealthy benefactor who uses his money and power to control her. And the masked maestro known as the Master who demands her surrender and commands her pleasure with each stroke. Both want her; only one can have her. . .

In a rising crescendo of madness, obsession, and lust, Christy must take a chance and follow her heart—to a breathtaking climax as powerful as love itself.

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Meagan - Where did you get your inspiration for writing Master of the Opera?

Jeffe - I’ve always loved the story and have seen or read all the versions. None of them delivered on the sex and romance as much as I wanted them to.

Meagan - Do you have a favorite character from the book?

Jeffe - I’m totally in love with the Master/Phantom.

Meagan - How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Jeffe - All of it? My writing comes from everything I am.

Meagan - What kind of research do you do? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

Jeffe - I rarely do much deliberate research, unless it’s to fact-check something. I’m lucky enough to be writing after decades of being a reader and having the benefit of a richly varied education. A lot of it is in my head now and I draw from that. I don’t know if it counts as crazy, but I once flew to Charleston, SC for the weekend to do research for Platinum. It had been so long since I visited that I’d lost some of the sense of ambience.

Meagan - What’s in your TBR pile?

Jeffe - Right now I’m doing RITA reading, so I have several “treats” waiting for when I’m done – Megan 
Mulry’s Bound to Be a Groom, JD Robb’s new release Concealed in Death, and MCA Hogarth’s Even the Wingless.

Meagan - Playlists for books is becoming very popular….do you have a playlist with your books? And what is your favorite type of music?

Jeffe - Well, my playlist for Master of the Opera is obvious! I used the original Broadway score from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. In fact, the beats of the story follow some of the musical score and the careful reader might notice some echoes of the lyrics.
I like lyric-focused music. P!nk is a big favorite. Dar Williams. Lately I’m obsessed with Lorde’s Royals.

Meagan - Do you have a particular writing routine once you start a book?

Jeffe - Oh yes. I’m really never not writing a book. I write every day, usually in the mornings.

Meagan - What’s the most difficult part in writing?

Jeffe - I hate revisions.

Meagan - What comes first for you? The story? Characters? Or setting?

Jeffe - Almost always I start with the characters and the rest falls into place from there.

Meagan - If you weren’t a writer, what other path might you have followed?

Jeffe - I nearly got my PhD in neurophysiology. I was going to be research scientist.

Meagan - What are you working on right now?

Jeffe - I’m finishing book 3 of my Covenant of Thorns trilogy – Rogue’s Paradise.

Meagan - So what kinds of things do you do for fun?

Jeffe - I love to read, to sit in the sun, to take long hikes.

Meagan - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Jeffe - Right now the top destinations on my wishlist are Lord Howe Island, The Maldives and Ireland.

Meagan - If you were stuck on an island and could only have one type of food and one other “object” what would they be?

Jeffe - If food includes fresh water, I’ll take that, since I can live longer without food than I can without fresh water. And a knife would be handy to have.

Meagan - Do you have any words of inspirations for aspiring writing?

Jeffe - Persistence and continuity are key! I’ve seen a lot of fine writers drop by the wayside over the years because they didn’t have staying power. The ones who succeed are the ones who keep going. It can be a rough business – no matter what stage you’re at – but optimism and hard work will see you through!

This or That & Favorites
Salty or Sweet – Sweet!
Cold Mountains or Warm Sandy Beach – warm sandy beach (although I’ve lived in the mountains most of my life)
Beer or Wine – wine (only because beer makes me fat)
Vampire or Werewolf - vampire
Favorite Food? - wine
Favorite Color? - green
Favorite place to read? – in the sun
Favorite Holiday? - Christmas
Favorite type of romance? – steamy!

Anything else you would like to share with our guests? Thanks for reading!

About the Author:

Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author with a writing career that spans decades. Her fantasy BDSM romance, Petals and Thorns, originally published under the pen name Jennifer Paris, has won several reader awards. Sapphire, the first book in the Facets of Passion series, has placed first in multiple romance contests
and the follow-up, Platinum, is climbing the charts. Her most recent works include three fiction series: the fantasy romance novels of A Covenant of Thorns, the contemporary BDSM novellas of the Facets of Passion, and the post-apocalyptic vampire erotica of the Blood Currency. 

She is currently working on Master of the Opera and The Twelve Kingdoms, a fantasy trilogy.

Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Jeffe can be found online at her website: or every Sunday at the popular Word Whores blog.

Meagan's Review:

First off let me tell you how excited I was to read these books because I have been a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera since I was a little girl. I'm obsessed with the music, the movie, the musical/opera and any type of spin off that comes up. I was the nerdy girl who would listen to the Angel of Music repeatedly on my cd player. So again when I saw the title of these book and I was hooked!!! And I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed at all. Now with that being said since I've read 5 of the 6 books this review is going to be a little different and not as detailed as I normally do because I really don't want to give too much away because they are soooo good. 

The premise of this book is pretty much present times Phantom of the Opera with a little more twist to it. So Christine is our main character and she is from a pretty rich family, but she wants to make her own way in the world. So when she starts her internship at an Opera house she begins to see that her dreams are coming true. However, on her first day things start to become interesting.  Eventually she can't tell reality from her dream world and if her new muse/creepy guy/the phantom is real. But while all this is going on some from Christine's past come back into her present. Christine has had a crush on Roman since she was little and it seems that now he has feelings for her as well. 

As the book progresses Christine's heart get's torn and she questions her feelings. And while this conflict is going on a dead body seems to appear. This also adds to the plot of the story. And as the books continue the steaminess of them keeps getting hotter. And even I begin to see the unlogical logic of Christine's choice. But in the end will she give up everything; her heart, body and soul? Or walk away forever? What will she choose? Who will she choose? These books are amazing and well written and definitely something to add to your TBR list.  


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