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Blog Tour: Voodoo by Justus Roux


When I arrived at the club Desnúdate I had no idea that my entire life was about to change. What started out as a strange gift from my best friend transformed everything about me.  Looking over the list of Masters at the club one name stood out…the name he gave himself was Voodoo.

I had these desires that I couldn’t quite place. These dreams…these images…haunted my fantasies and now all of them were about to become reality.  This man, who simply went by the name Voodoo, led me into this lifestyle. Voodoo, his name rolls off my tongue like silk. Voodoo, the man I would call…Master. 
“Voodoo” is the first book in Justus Roux’s Master of My Heart series

Master of My Heart series is single titled novels that have a hero who has what it takes to be called Master. 


Chapter One

Amanda looked at the clock for about the millionth time today. It seemed like time was crawling by. She was glad that today was kind of a light day at work. There was no way she could concentrate not after the birthday gift her friend Alice gave her.
Amanda looked over the print ad one more time. It looked good, thank goodness. She looked up at the clock again. Damn, she wished she would stop doing that. Time wasn’t going to speed up because she was watching the clock.
Why in the world did she accept Alice’s gift? What was she thinking? A million questions filled her thoughts. Alice surprised her this morning with this unusual gift and all day this was the only thing Amanda could think of.
“What are you doing for your birthday, Amanda?” Rodney said as he handed her a small gift.
“You didn’t have to get me anything.”
“I know, but I saw this while I was shopping. It had you written all over it.”
Amanda smiled at him. Rodney was a nice enough guy and he was always hinting at asking her out. She was a firm believer in not mixing business with pleasure. It always got unpleasant when these kinds of romances fizzled out and both parties still had to work together.
“Any big plans for tonight?” Rodney looked hopeful.
“Alice is taking me to a club.”
“Oh…that sounds like fun.” Rodney couldn’t hide his disappointment.
Amanda opened the small box, inside was a beautiful pendant. It was a little golden elephant holding a small sapphire in its raised trunk.
“You mentioned that you collect things with elephants on it.”
“Thank you, Rodney. This was very nice of you.”
“You’re welcome. Happy birthday, Amanda.”
“Thank you.” Amanda smiled at him.
Rodney went happily back to his desk. He seemed very pleased that she enjoyed his gift.
Amanda looked back up at the clock. Ten more minutes then she could head home. She set the ad aside she was working on. She did some more busy work. Holy crap these last minutes were like movie minutes they went on and on.
“Finally,” she sighed when it was time for her to leave. She quickly hurried to gather her things then headed out. She didn’t want to give Rodney a chance to ask her out for a drink. She was too wound up about tonight and didn’t want to hurt his feelings by turning him down. She got to her car and headed home.
Amanda took a shower then stood in front of her closet. What was she going to wear? What was she expected to wear?
Alice worked as a waitress in a BDSM club named Desnúdate. Only members were allowed in this club. Alice secretly submitted Amanda’s name and pulled some strings to get the head Master to allow Amanda to join as a submissive. Tonight Amanda was going to pick her Master.
“This is absurd.” Amanda felt like she was going to be sick. What in the hell was Alice thinking? Amanda walked over to her bed and sat.
“Hey girl,” Alice said as she came into the room. “You aren’t dressed yet?”
“Well excuse me if I don’t know what to wear to a club that basically translated into English means get naked.”
“You don’t have to be naked, silly. In fact it is frowned upon. They have playrooms…”
“Playrooms?” Amanda interrupted her.
“So you and your Master can play a little spank and tickle.”
“I’m not just going to fuck a random stranger.”
“I would hope not on your first meeting. Jupiter wouldn’t like that.”
“One of the head Masters at the club. Everyone has a code name remember. Speaking of code names what is going to be yours?” Alice looked through Amanda’s closet.
“My code name? Oh shit…well I’m guessing that all those Masters will give themselves the name of some god.”
“Pretty much.”
“How will I know which one to choose or is one chosen for me?”
“You choose your Master. You will be given a menu so don’t worry.”
“A menu?”
“Don’t sweat the details. It is all pretty simple. You choose the Master you want off the menu then you go meet with him. If you hit it off you make a date to play in one of the playrooms. No one will know who you are so chill and enjoy. You said you were curious about this BDSM stuff, so I thought this would be a great present for your thirtieth birthday. Here wear this.” She tossed the little black dress at her. “Wear something sexy underneath.”
“I thought I was just meeting with a Master.”
“You are, but you will feel sexy. Can’t hurt. Now hurry up and get ready.”
Amanda found her lacy black bra and panties. She also wore her thigh-high stockings. She always felt sexy wearing these underneath whatever she was wearing. She put the little black dress on and looked at herself in the mirror. She let her long brown hair hang loose. Her makeup wasn’t too severe but emphasized her big brown eyes. The dress showed off her curves and added length to her small frame. She made sure to wear her four inch stilettos. She grabbed her small black clutch purse and threw her cellphone, lipstick, compact and wallet into it.
“Well here goes nothing.” She convinced herself she had nothing to lose. Why not check this club out? At the very least it would provide some very interesting people watching.

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Interview with Justus:

Eppp I'm pretty excited about this because I got to get a little into the mind of the brilliant Justus and see just what makes her tick.

Meagan - How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Justus - There is a little bit of me in every story.

Meagan - What kinds of things do you do for fun? 

Justus - Read, travel, watch movies, play the occasional video game. And I recently became interested in creating abstracted art with different materials.

Meagan - Do you ever ask boyfriend/husband/significant other for advice and/or input for a particular scene? 

Justus - All the time.

Meagan - Do you have a particular writing routine once you start a book? 

Justus - Not really, I write when a scene pops into my head and just keeping going until it stops.

Meagan - What comes first for you? The story? Characters? Or setting?

Justus - The Characters. The male lead character usually pops into my head first then the storyline begins to build around him. 

Meagan - What would you say are your biggest influences and/or inspirations in your writing? 

Justus - Music inspires me the most.

Meagan - What kind of research do you do? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

Justus - I research a lot on the web. I have a ton of books I have used for research. I haven’t done anything too crazy except maybe trying out various toys with my husband.

Meagan - For you what makes it a great/epic romance? 

Justus - When a couple fits together so perfectly that they complete each other. They feel safe, loved and desired.

Meagan - What do you find is the easiest part of writing? The hardest?

Justus - Creating the story is the easiest part. Editing and promoting are the hardest.

Meagan - What’s in your TBR pile? 

Justus - “Consequences” Aleatha Romig

Meagan - What are three facts about you that no one knows and should? 

Justus - I’m pretty good at poker. I like to change the color of my hair often. I can sing pretty well.

Meagan - Do you have an embarrassing guilty pleasure that you partake in? 

Justus - Reading tabloid magazines while eating junk food.

Meagan - If you weren’t a writer, what other path might you have followed? 

Justus - I would have been a backup singer or a psychotherapist. Or I could have combined the two and became a singing psychotherapist, lol.

Meagan - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Justus - Europe. I always wanted to take a castle tour of Europe.

Meagan - What are your feelings toward Zombies? 

Justus - They are gross, but I love watching movies with Zombies in it.

Meagan - Who is your favorite superhero/heroine? 

Justus - Thor

Meagan - If you could meet someone alive or dead who would it be? And why? 

Justus - I would like to meet quite a few people but if I had to list one I will go with Hugh Jackman. He seems like an interesting person to talk to. Not to mention he is very easy on the eyes as well.

Meagan - If you were stuck on an island and could only have one type of food and one other “object” what would they be? 

Justus - Chocolate and my kindle that had unlimited charge to it.

Meagan - Do you have any encouraging words for aspiring writers? 

Justus - Keep writing and never give up.

Meagan - Is there anything else you’d like to share with our guests today? 

Justus - Thank you for the interview it was fun. If anyone would like to email me you can reach me at and you can check out my website to read excerpts of all my books. 

About the Author:

Justus Roux is the author of over forty erotic romance novels that range from the paranormal to BDSM.  When she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and is always on the pursuit for new and interesting music to inspire her.  You can see her work and You can email her

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so I'm not sure about my review for this book. For me I loved and struggled with some stuff in this book. I tried to keep an open mind through the entire book and can honestly say without a doubt that I could not be a submissive 24/7. And that is what this book pretty much surrounds. I've read some BDSM books where during certain times the Dom/Sub realtionship comes out, but never something that would be full time. It's very different and interesting and different. 

So the story takes place with Amanda getting a birthday present from her bff Alice. Recently Amanda has been interested in the BDSM world. She wants the chance to explore it....and it just so happens that Alice works for just such a place. So Amanda goes one night and looks over the find the type of Dom she would like to try. She picks one off the menu and then goes to a meeting room to talk and see if they are a match in the sense to see if they would like to take it to the next level and try out a "relationship". When you go to the club no one uses their real names so Amanda a.k.a. Iris chooses Master Voodoo. They meet and they are both intrigued enough to meet again. However, Voodoo gives Iris some homework. 

They end up meeting once a week for the next several weeks. Iris is ALL over the place when they meet up and she experiences new things and explores a side of her she's been curious about. It also helps that Voodoo is a pretty awesome teacher. My only issue with him is the whole you and me when we enter this thing and uggg 3 cows.......that I for sure know about. Anyways as their time continues Iris/Amanda begins to see a shift in her real world and her actions. I've never truly read about or seen a true submissive and this book was a huge eye opener to that. Amanda fit the role perfectly....however, I think she only did because of who her Master was.

Speaking of Masters I honestly thought Voodoo and Iris would have more issues with Zeus.....but that was just me. However, what's a book without some drama? Rodney is Amanda's co-worker and he's had a thing for Amanda for a long time. But she isn't interested and apparently he can't take that hint. And he truly shows his colors when he finds out that she's "dating" Voodoo. And ahhh I hate Rodney....I'd like to smack him around a bit. 

Anyways this story continues to explore the bounds of a "relationship" with Voodoo and Iris.  She wants more and he really may not be able to give it. He needs a submissive 24/7 and Iris may or may not be that person. Overall, I was intrigued by this book because it something not in the norm. It was a quick read and grabbed my attention from the menu. I would recommend this book to those curious or just looking for something a little different. So make sure to go get a copy and read all about Voodoo and Iris and if they will find what they need with each other.      

Soul Fire

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