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Blog Tour: Stranded with a Hero by Karen Erickson, Cindi Madsen, Roxanne Snopek and Coleen Kwan


Getting snowed in never felt so good as boundaries are crossed, opposites attract, and friends discovering more promise a Christmas no one will ever forget.

Loving Mindy by Karen EricksonMindy can’t believe she's stuck with her ex–best friend—and the man whose heart she broke years ago—for the holidays, though the tension between them is more than enough to keep them warm. Josh Powers never forgot Mindy, but he can’t risk his heart a second time.

White-Hot Holiday by Coleen Kwan Naomi’s sworn off men like Aaron—rich, cocky, and dismissive of holiday traditions. Aaron decided to spend Christmas in sunny Australia to avoid snowy New York, not to fall for the woman his best friend warned him away from. But when a volcano grounds him, Aaron and Naomi's relationship becomes eruptive.

An Officer and a Rebel by Cindi MadsenThe last person police officer Nate Walsh expected to discover in a snowstorm is his brother's ex and former town rebel, Kelsey Cooper. She’s his complete opposite and totally off-limits, but as they wait out the storm together, all he can think is how he wishes she'd stay forever.

Saving the Sheriff by Roxanne SnopekFrankie Sylva was determined to free the reindeer cruelly held for a holiday roadshow, even if it meant risking her own life. Deputy Sheriff Red LeClair set out to save a stranger in a snowstorm, never expecting he’d be the one to be rescued.

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About Karen Erickson:

USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read – sexy contemporary romance. Digitally published since 2006, she’s a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

Where to Stalk Karen: 

About Cindi Madsen:

Cindi Madsen sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her
characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children. She is the author of YA novels All the Broken Pieces and Demons of the Sun, adult contemporary romances Falling for Her FiancĂ© and Act Like You love Me, and the women's fiction novel Cinderella Screwed Me Over.

Where to Stalk Cindi:

Website ~Facebook ~ Twitter ~Goodreads

About Roxanne Snopek:

Roxanne Snopek is the author of ten books, more than 150 articles, and has had short fiction published in several anthologies. She is currently serving as Vice-President of the Romance Writers of America Greater Vancouver Chapter. She and her family live in the Pacific Northwest, where she’s at work on more love stories for Entangled Publishing.

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About Coleen Kwan:

Coleen Kwan has been a bookworm all her life. At school English was her favorite subject, but for some
reason she decided on a career in IT. After many years of programming, she wondered what else there was in life — and discovered writing. She loves writing contemporary romance and steampunk romance.

Coleen lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and two children. When she isn’t writing she enjoys avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching Criminal Minds.

Where to Stalk Coleen: 

Interview with Coleen Kwan:

And today on our stop we get a little better in-sight in the amazing author Coleen Kwan so let’s get started…

Meagan - Where did you get your inspiration for writing White-Hot Holiday?

Coleen - My editor asked me if I would like to write a Christmas novella connected to my other Real Men books, and I jumped at the chance. I’ve always liked fish-out-of-water setups, so I instantly thought of a hero from the States being forced to spend Christmas in Australia when it’s the height of summer, and to make matters worse he doesn’t enjoy Christmas but is stuck with a girl who simply can’t get enough of Christmas.

Meagan - Do you have a favorite character from the book?

Coleen - I do have a soft spot for Aaron Cade, my hero. He’s a workaholic who doesn’t have time for relationships, and he has a Bah Humbug attitude towards Christmas. But his world is turned upside down when he’s stranded in Australia and meets Naomi Spencer, my heroine who is recovering from a bad breakup and loves everything about Christmas. I don’t mind admitting that while I was writing White-Hot Holiday, I pictured my hero looking a bit like Channing Tatum.

Meagan - *sigh* I loved Aaron too and Channing Tatum does paint a pretty good picture lol so how much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Coleen - One of the things I love about writing is that I can create the weirdest characters who do and say things I would never dream of doing or saying. So I try not to put too much of myself or my experiences in my writing, but I think that subconsciously some of it must show. I just don’t want to think too hard about what I might be showing!

Meagan - What kind of research do you do? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

Coleen - I mainly use the internet for my research. I use Google maps a lot to find out what places look like. It’s such a valuable resource. Also, I love searching the Neiman Marcus site when it comes to finding inspiration for clothing. I don’t think I do anything crazy in research. I once took a ride on a ferry to check out the seating arrangements, and once I visited a beach to see if there was a cliff that a person could jump off, but I don’t think that’s too crazy.

Meagan - What’s in your TBR pile?

Coleen - Too many to list!

Meagan – I understand that lol Playlists for books is becoming very popular….do you have a playlist with your books? And what is your favorite type of music?

Coleen - I find having music on while I write is too distracting. I often end up listening to the music instead of writing. I like eighties music because that’s the music of my youth. Sometimes a dark, angsty song will catch my attention, like Dark Black by Kristina Train.

Meagan - Do you have a particular writing routine once you start a book?

Coleen - Yes, once I start a book I like to finish the first draft in a few weeks without any interruptions. I find writing in one hour blocks without internet or email distractions is the most productive for me.

Meagan - What’s the most difficult part in writing?

Coleen - That varies with each book. For a recent story, I found the beginning was the most difficult because it was so critical to get it right. It almost made me freeze, but then I decided that whatever mistakes I made could be fixed later; I just had to get over that first hurdle. And that’s what I’m learning with each book—that whatever difficulties I have can always be corrected later.

Meagan - What comes first for you? The story? Characters? Or setting?

Coleen - I think it’s a combination of story and characters. In a romance the story is really the internal and external conflict between the characters, so they are very much inter-connected.

Meagan - If you weren’t a writer, what other path might you have followed?

Coleen - I would most likely still be working in IT. I would probably be quite satisfied with that, but I would never have known the highs and lows of writing.

Meagan - What are you working on right now?

Coleen - I have just finished a very rough draft of a contemporary romance between two damaged people, and I hope to start editing it soon.

Meagan - So what kinds of things do you do for fun?

Coleen - I read a lot, spend time with my family, go for walks or to the beach (in summer).

Meagan - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Coleen - I would love to visit the USA again. The last time I traveled there was many years ago, and I’d love to see places like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Montana, and New England in fall.

Meagan - If you were stuck on an island and could only have one type of food and one other “object” what would they be?

Coleen - I would have to choose chocolate and an ereader that never needed recharging.

Meagan – Good choices!!! What are your feelings toward Zombies?

Coleen - Keep them away from me!

Meagan - Do you have any words of inspirations for aspiring writing?

Coleen - Write every day, and don’t be afraid of rejection. Writing is wonderful and uplifting, but the business side of writing can be challenging.

This or That & Favorites

Salty or Sweet - Sweet, preferably chocolate.

Cold Mountains or Warm Sandy Beach - Either will do. As summer is nearing here, I’ll take the warm sandy beach.

Beer or Wine - Neither, I don’t drink alcohol.

Vampire or Werewolf - Werewolf.

Favorite Food? Rice.

Favorite Color? Blue.

Favorite place to read? In bed.

Favorite Holiday? A relaxing beach holiday somewhere warm and beautiful.

Favorite type of romance? Contemporary romance.

Anything else you would like to share with our guests?

I hope everyone has a happy and safe festive season.

Thanks for interviewing me! Coleen Kwan

Epp!!! Awesome answers!!!! A huge thank you to Coleen for being here today and sharing some insights into her life!!!!


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