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Blog Tour: Lennon's Rain (Lennon's Girls #2) by Chris Myers

Okay on today's tour stop I combined both book's reviews into the one stop. First is Lennon's Jinx and then a little information about the wonderful Chris Myers and then onto Lennon's Rain!!! The Tour schedule is also listed as well as the giveaway at the end!!


 Sometimes, you don’t get to choose who you fall for...

Lennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of
high school. He prefers groupies with no-strings attached but finds himself strangely attracted to Jinx, the straight-A student in his choir. 

Jinx conceals the black truth about herself from her friends. She won’t admit to them that she screwed up big time, losing her first love and what she once held most precious. When Jinx joins Lennon’s band to nurture her love of music and ease the guilt gnawing away at her, she witnesses Lennon battling his infamous father. While confronting his pent-up anger at his dad, Lennon exposes vulnerabilities he had no intention of letting Jinx ever see. Their reckless pasts may bring them together or further complicate their messy lives.

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so this book was interesting for me. I LOVE Lennon. I cannot say that enough. I'm pretty sure he could be my next book boyfriend. The first thing that throws me about this book is that when Lennon is talking about his past he says things that make me go...wait what??? How did you manage that?? So before I get into that I should give you a rundown of his family dynamic. So Lennon owns his house and in this house lives his sister, Currie, who I love and his mother, Heather. Heather is an idiot and doesn't do anything except spend money and sleep with lots of random men. Lennon is the one that took care of Currie when she was a baby; changed her, fed her, bathed her and loved her. He drives her to school every morning and most mornings her best friend Zoe rides with them. (I love Zoe and Currie together.) Zoe is super adorable and calls Lennon her hunky monkey, but her first love is Clive.  Outside of that Lennon's father isn't really in the picture. He tries more with Currie and she visits him sometimes in the summer here recently,  but Jonathan never had anything to do with Lennon. Most of the time he's too stoned or high to really know what's going on. Anyways one of the next things we find out about Lennon is that when he was 15 he bought his first Ferrari.......yeah. lol I'm still wondering how that happened. But then he wrecked it and Currie scolded him and he never did that again. He bought a sensible SUV to drive Currie around.

A lot of things happen in this book for Lennon. First you should know that Lennon loves sex. He's had lots and lots of practice with lots of different girls....being in a band an all. And he's really good. But he goes to this party at Jinx house. Who by the way hates Lennon. Her best friend Rena invited him. So Lennon doesn't do relationships. Like at all. Although when he was in fifth grade he dropped down to one knee and proposed to a girl. And all the girls in school fell in love with him. But since then he will only sleep with girls  just about anywhere but his house (no girl has EVER been over there except when he was younger). But Bailey is his consistent sleeping partner. So at this party she decides to give him a little happy finish and Jinx walks in on it. Yeah SUPER AWKWARD!!! lol And that doesn't end well. But fate won't leave things alone when throwing these two into each other's paths. 

Jinx is an interesting character. She's had a crappy last few years and her mother is always gone. Leaving her alone with her step-father a lot. These two don't get along at all. And I couldn't figure what it was at first but something was off with Jinx. So going off the title I figured something would happen between Lennon and Jinx and honestly I was dreading it. I DON'T like Jinx at all with him. I like her character, I understand her character, I feel bad for her and what she's had to go through, but NO I don't see it or like it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Jinx writes and plays music. She's super smart and she was in a relationship with this guy named Zach. Her life was pretty together, until one party changed everything. Jinx and Zach were planning on losing their virginity to each other on their sixteenth birthdays. Super sweet. But Jinx went to a party and got super wasted and Zach ended up not going and the next day when Jinx was starting to remember things from the previous night she realizes that she isn't a virgin any more and it wasn't by choice. She never reports the crime or tells anyone other than Rena. But you can see how it affects her as does Lennon when he notices how much she doesn't like to be touched. And her and Zach broke up because he thinks she cheated on him and she just doesn't talk about it. 

But Jinx throws her pain and misery and heartbreak into music and she decides to try out for a band that is looking for a keyboard member. Only funny thing is that it happens to be Lennon's band. Lennon is intrigued by Jinx and her odd ways. He wants to get to know her better and understand her. Anyways she gets into the band and the other two members are Clive who plays bass and violin and a few others (who came from the UK when he was 10 and is bff's with Lennon and still has an accent) and Danny Boy who is the drummer and his girlfriend Susan is permanently attached to him. Anyways they have some gigs and Jinx doesn't do terrible but she seems to fit into the band pretty well. Also feelings begin to grow between Lennon and Jinx when she begins to realize the kind of man Lennon is. 

The one day that truly sticks out to me as to why Lennon could be my next book boyfriend is because of what he does for Currie and her best friend Zoe. And why I don't like Jinx with him. He picks Jinx up to buy her a dress for a wedding they are playing at and she comes out of the house smoking and no not a cigarette she's smoking a joint getting ready to get into the car with two girls in the back. Anyways Lennon takes the girls and their American dolls to what I call American doll wonderland. Both of the girls want to get matching clothes and then have lunch and Lennon talks to their dolls like they are real people. Asking them questions the girls answer and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen any man do. Jinx thinks its weird and honestly her reaction just doesn't rub me right. 

Anyways we find out what really happens in Jinx life and Lennon comes to her rescue. And then something tragic happens in Lennon's and Jinx wants to be there for him. Also his father comes back and that's an interesting interaction. Jinx thinks she might be falling for him in the sense that she wants to date know the thing he doesn't do. But beyond that all I see is that they are friends who learn a few hidden secrets about one another and are there....and yes while this sometimes throws people into love and relationships with these two I just don't see it. But by the end Lennon wants to try and date Jinx and have a relationship...which is good. But another tragedy strikes Lennon and his sister and by the end of the book I was sobbing so hard because it just wasn't fair. Jinx was there again for Lennon and I think this is what truly pushes these two together but the question becomes will they make it? Will he be able to be in a relationship with one girl? Especially a girl like Jinx knowing that he won't be getting any for a little bit. You'll have to read to find out....or if you want some spoilers (which I hope you don't) keep reading below.


About the Author:

Chris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time. She is an award-winning author and lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and her
Bichon BeBe. Her work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for conferences, PPW, and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU. Chris is a member of SCBWI and Pikes Peak Writers. She earned a Masters from the University of South Florida.

Look for her series RIPSTERS, a Young Adult, paranormal/mystery with the spark of romance, starting with DATE WITH THE DEAD.

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Sometimes in love, you choose wrong…

Eight years ago, Lennon lost his heart to Rain, and suddenly she’s back, all grown up and sexy as hell. At a sorority party, he convinces himself that outbidding every other guy for a body shot from Rain is for charity.

But he knows better. He doesn’t want any guy, except him, tarnishing the memory of the little girl he proposed to in fifth grade.

Jinx loves Lennon and is past ready for him to make his move. With his sexual prowess, she worries why he hasn’t made any advances. She fears she is losing him, and the only way to keep him is to overcome her past and give him what he desires.

Rain knows Lennon is trouble. If she couldn’t say no to the gangly boy asking her to skateboard off some roof, how will she refuse Lennon’s seductive powers now that he is a man? Rain has many reasons to resist his charm. He has a girlfriend, he’s moving to LA with her, and Rain has no intention to march in the long parade of Lennon Tyler conquests.

Now, Lennon must choose. Someone has to lose, and that person could be him.

***WARNING: This book is New Adult Contemporary Romance and contains sexual content**

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Meagan's Review:

EPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris!!! She's such an amazing writer and gave me everything I wanted in this book. Okay so you know I was sketchy about Lennon and Jinx in the first book....well our wonderful author threw a kink into that with this book. This book is about 3 months into the future. Graduation is coming up and Jinx and Lennon are still in a and girlfriend and he's been faithful and is waiting for her. But here lately they've almost hit a bump in the road. Jinx complains to her friends that Lennon won't make a move on her or anything and she isn't sure what to do. While the flip side of that is Lennon doesn't want to make the first move (although he's ready) because Jinx was raped and honestly she has to come to him when she's ready. Neither of these two talk to one another, but talk to other people about it. 

Anyways Lennon goes to a sorority party with Clive and Danny Boy and Susan for a charity event. The event being that you can take off your shirt and/or bra and bear it for the world to see. Well whilst there fate decides to step into Lennon's life again. There at the party in just her bra and pants is grown up Rain. The same Rain that Lennon dropped to one knee and proposed too. Eppp!!!!! I had hoped the mentioning of that in the first book would come back. So Jinx didn't want to come to this event and good thing she didn't because Lennon can't help himself with Rain. He pays $1,000 to do a body shot off her and O.M.G. to read this was pretty steamy.....*sigh* But let me say this the first 10 minutes of meeting Rain I could tell a different in the feelings he has for Rain vs the feelings he has for Jinx. Now some of that might be because they have history, but I already love Rain and I'm cheering for these two. 

Lennon gets Rain into a room to talk to her because he tells her he still hates her and that hurts her. She left in the fifth grade and never said anything to him because of her father's threat. She loved him then and would do anything to protect him. But when he is talking to Rain she starts talking and then throws in this "shut -up" and it didn't fit and then Lennon asks her if devil girl is still talking to her. And I'm like OMG she's crazy and hearing voices.....REALLY???? lol But yes she has this little devil girl on her shoulder that talks to her and she's not crazy and eventually you just accept it, but it's still slightly odd. 

So while Lennon was there Jinx was at a bar with her friends and ohh who's there, none other than Zach. Jinx's ex boyfriend who she still has feelings for and thinks she might love Lennon, but she's still thinking about her ex. And ohh he broke up with his girlfriend and wants more from Jinx and blah blah blah and honestly I see those two getting back together, but she keeps going to places and he's there and she's thinking about him. It bothers me...because I LOVE Lennon. Anyways fate keeps throwing Lennon and Rain together after 8 years. Lennon takes Jinx and his sister Currie, who is like his daughter and comes first and everything to the museum. and Jinx and Currie don't get along. They constantly fight and it's rather annoying. Granted Currie could be slightly jealous and all that now Lennon is sharing his time, but it just doesn't feel right to me. But we find out that Rain works there and Currie loves the lead singer of Crank...who happens to be Rain. (Lots and lots of fate.) Okay so here's the thing I love so much about Rain. Even though her father kicked her out of the house (I have a lot of choice words for that man) and she is on her own and she obviously still has feelings for Lennon, she wishes him the best with Jinx. She used to help Lennon with Currie when they were younger and she loves Currie, she understand what Currie means to Lennon. She also makes sure to get a signed CD for Currie among other things. Lennon has 2 tickets to an art gallery and Currie already said she wanted to go so it's going to just be Lennon and Currie and Jinx is upset that she isn't going, but beyond that her thought is...."Will I never come first." OMG EVIL......BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP and some more Bleeps. Really knowing everything that Lennon and Currie have been through not only in the last 6 months but the last 10 years, who the HELL do you think you are. Ahhhh I told you I don't like her, but after that I was done with her. OF COURSE CURRIE IS GOING TO COME FIRST IN HIS LIFE HE RAISED HER.....SHE'S LIKE HIS DAUGHTER IDIOT. And they are moving to LA together? Uggggg

lol Well now that I got that out of my system.....Lennon and Currie go to the art gallery and it's actually an old friend that is hosting it. But guess who's there????? RAIN!!! lol And the instant connection between Rain and Currie is amazing. For that reason alone if I were Lennon I'd leave Jinx, because you can't force a relationship between two people who just don't get along like this one. Anyways Lennon is put to the test at this event and being faithful to Jinx and I was very proud of him. However, Zach (Jinx's ex who still loves her and will do anything to get her back) is there and when Lennon steps out from the back he doesn't look good and pretty much makes up his own story and runs off to tell Jinx. When Lennon tries to tell Jinx his side of the story she won't hear it. She automatically believes whatever Zach said and this doesn't end well for these two. And when an altercation comes about between Zach and Lennon she doesn't pick the right side. Stupid stupid idiot. But yey because again I just didn't like her. Then not only is the stupid idiot taking the wrong side, she told things to Zach that should have never been shared and because of that Zach does something stupid and effing SWAT is called in on Lennon. 

Well not only does she screw Lennon over she decides to screw the band over. There's a battle of the bands coming up and at the last minute the stupid idiot (as I will now call her) decides she's going to join Zach's band and leave the guys hanging. Ha stupid idiot doesn't win and doesn't even come close...hehehheh Karma sucks. But even though Lennon and his band should have won, which I think he did on purpose, Crank ends up winning!!! YEY RAIN!!! But that's okay because Lennon was going to LA anyways with the band. Jonathan is really trying with Lennon and Currie wants to live with him too. Before they leave for LA though Lennon and Rain start spending some time together...just as friends for now. They get a lot out in the open...things that really happen and Rain even tells Lennon he should work things out with Jinx. See she's the better one anyways. Even the evil stupid idiot comes up to Rain to call her out saying it hasn't been long enough and already she's putting her claws into Lennon. OMG I'd so slap her right there for everyone to see. But no Rain pretty much puts her in her place, but with class. 

Moving on, Lennon, Currie and Rain go back to the museum and it's like night and day. Obviously Lennon is still dealing with his feelings for Jinx, because they were there, he did like her and all, but he was in love with Rain and is beginning to fall for her again. I think this trip is what sealed it. Currie clings to Rain, holds her hand and these two just fit together and the three of them are like a perfect family. I love it!!! Later on while Lennon and Rain are talking and stuff it comes up that she's still a virgin. (Lennon's rule back in book 1 was NO virgins...NOT EVER). However, when it's Rain that rule seems to go out the window. So yeah these two get on it for a week and poor but on the last time something happens and changes and these two have different feelings about that. Also Rain is scared that as soon as she's gone for her tour, Lennon is going to either go back to Jinx or find someone else. And ohhh effing stupid idiot tries something too and ahhh if Lennon falls for it I'm going to slap him. 

When Lennon gets to LA it's like a whole different world there. After reading this book I definitely know that I would not make it in the LA life. Lennon finds that girls throw themselves at him even more than before and now they all look fake, because they aren't Rain. Aww.....he's hooked. From here a lot of things happen. Both good and bad that test the bounds of the "relationship" that Rain and Lennon have. Will they ever find common ground? She plans on moving back to Chicago and Lennon can't leave LA because Currie is there. Other things from Lennon's past also come forward and that plays a huge role in some choices. Can Lennon convince Rain to give them a chance at a real relationship and life and future in LA? So much drama in this book and so many good scenes and characters and actions and EVERYTHING!!! I loved every moment of this book and I couldn't put it down.....I read this in one sitting and lost lots of sleep over it. I can't wait till the next one because I'm pretty sure I have an idea where it might be going so I'm crossing my fingers. But Chris is an AMAZING writer and event though these were the first books of hers I've read I can't wait to get my hands on some others. I highly highly highly recommend this book to read. 



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