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Blog Tour: Jade's Peace by Melissa Stevens


Steve left his hometown to avoid doing something he knew he would regret. Now, ten years later, the girl he left to avoid has come looking for him, but she's not a child anymore.

Jade has spent the last six years haunted by memories and nightmares. At a turning point in her life, she's tired of waiting for something to change. She tracks down the only person she's ever been drawn to, a man she hasn’t seen in more than ten years. But can she convince him that their differences don't matter, that together they can both find peace?

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Author Interview:

And now onto the fun stuff. On today's stop we have an awesome interview with Melissa and we get to see a glimpse into her world. Eppp!!!! So onto the questions..... 

Meagan - How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Melissa - A little, how well can I write about something if I haven't experienced it? But at the same time, I will say that there is a lot in my books that I've never experienced. I have a very vivid imagination and I use it to my advantage.

Meagan - haha I like that answer. So what kinds of things do you do for fun?

Melissa - Read. Knit. Watch movies. I'm known to camp and fish too...

Meagan - Do you ever ask your husband for advice and/or input for a particular scene?

Melissa - Nope, not unless it's about something he has experience in. I have a couple friends I do this with, but not my husband.

Meagan - Do you have a particular writing routine once you start a book?

Melissa - I try to make at least 1000 words a day, I don't always manage it, but sometimes I manage a lot more.

Meagan - What comes first for you? The story? Characters? Or setting?

Melissa - Characters. I create my characters and a very very basic story. For example, with Change  my story line was that there was a girl who didn't know shapeshifters exist until she suddenly discovers she is one, then there are 2 guys, one is a childhood friend, she's known him for ever, the other not.

Meagan - Okay so what kind of research do you do? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

Melissa - Usually I find an expert in whatever field. My dad is a great resource, he's a machinist, fabricator and a gunsmith. When Nickie was kidnapped in Fight  I called him and asked, if you had a pair of hand cuffs chained to the anchor loop for a seat in the back of a van and yanked on the cuffs, what part of that would break first? But I have an appointment next week to meet with the city medical examiner, to see if he can give me details I'll need for one of the books I'm working on.

Meagan - That's pretty AWESOME!!! lol I'm excited to read about that. :) For you what makes it a great/epic romance?

Melissa - I like it when they have to overcome something together. Not just fight something individually, but work together and deal with it that way.

Meagan - What do you find is the easiest part of writing? The hardest?

Melissa - The easiest part is when the characters take over, sometimes I don't know what is happening next until it appears on the screen in front of me. The hardest is when they don't want to talk, or dealing with emotions. Emotions are not my strong point.

Meagan - What’s in your TBR pile?

Melissa - Would you believe I actually keep a spreadsheet of what's coming out and what I've read?  I'm about three books behind in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep, and Rule Breaker by Lora Leigh just came out, I'm eager for that one. Night Broken, the next book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs will be out soon, I'll stop what I'm doing to read that.

Meagan - OMG that's Amazingsauce!! And after reading some blurbs I now have some new books to add to my TBR pile so thanks for the input :) Do you have an embarrassing guilty pleasure that you partake in?

Melissa - Son's of Anarchy. AKA Charliewatch.

Meagan - *sigh* I love Charlie...and I'm addicted to that show too. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Melissa - I want to go to Ireland, Scotland and Australia

Meagan - All good places....Ireland is def at the top of my list. Okay now one of my favorite questions because I get all sorts of answers, what are your feelings toward Zombies? 

Melissa - Meh. The only zombies that have really interested me are the ones in Anita Blake... and shooting those guys does no good, you have to burn them. 

Meagan - Nice. Okay and my last question is who is your favorite superhero/heroine?

Melissa - Thor. Mostly because Chris Hemsworth is hot. 

Ahhhh I have to agree with you on that one. Thank you sooooo much for stopping by and answering some questions and letting me pick your brain!!!! 

About the Author:

Melissa was born and raised in Arizona, she’s spent her entire life living across the southern half of the state.
She’s found that, along with her husband and three children, she prefers the small towns and rural life to feeling packed into a city.

She started reading at a very young age, and her love for series started early, as the first real books she remembers reading is the Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Through the years she’s found that there’s little she won’t read, and her tastes vary from westerns, to romance, to sci-fi / fantasy and Horror.

Where to Stalk Melissa:

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Thank you guys sooooo much for stopping by and make sure to get your copy of Jade's Peace!!!

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