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Fake Fiance Real Revenge by Roxanne Snopek

About the Author:

Roxanne gives mostly 5 star reviews because she has a short attention span and only reads books that hook her quickly and hold her attention. Fortunately, she has many smart, literate friends who advise her when a book is worth a little extra time.

Before she was a novelist, Roxanne was an award-winning freelance writer of everything from corporate profiles to newsletter content to magazine articles, to personal essays and other stuff she can't remember. She grew up in Saskatchewan, spent a bit of time in Ontario and now lives in British Columbia with her family and numerous pets.

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This cowboy doesn't know what he's in for...

Real-estate tycoon Mitchell Granger has a problem. In order to secure a lucrative deal with an eccentric client, he told the teeny white lie that he was engaged...and now he needs to prove it. Even worse? The only name that came to mind was Sabrina Becker, the girl he was never good enough for growing up up, and who still lives near his family ranch.

Sabrina doesn't mind posing as Mitch's fake fiancée -no, she doesn't mind at all. One, she'll make him pay with new construction for her business. And two, Sabrina's got a plan to exact revenge on her first love, the boy who left her and Three River Ranch behind. She'll pretend so well, he'll fall in love with her...and then he'll get a taste of what true heartbreak feels like.

But as Mitch sheds his corporate skin and picks up his dusty jeans and cowboy hat, will both his and Sabrina's grand plans get derailed by love?

***This book is the third in the series, but can be read as a standalone novel.***

What readers have said about her previous books...

"...not just a romance, it's one of those healing kinds that's ridiculously satisfying when it ends." -Rhianna RhiReading

"...kept me thoroughly entertained from the first page to the last...a love story that anyone who likes romance should not miss" -Janna Shay, Fair Play 

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My Review:

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this book with reading the blurb. I will say that I was pleasantly and happily surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked it so much that I got the first two and I'm pretty excited for the fourth one to come out. I found myself laughing at a lot of scenes throughout this book and this book got me thinking about a long ago crush of mine that I wish that somehow fate would have brought us back together.

This story starts out with Mitch trying to attain a new client; Della Fontaine. And let me tell you Della is a snarky sneaky and crazy speaks her mind kind of "old" woman. She cracks me up for most of the book. However, if Mitch lands this job for her then it opens his company up to new clients and sets him up for life. So the deal is pretty HUGE. Della tries to hook Mitch up with her step-daughter Paris, so instead of seeing her for the night or somehow being polite about the whole situation, what does Mitch do? Oh, it's very nice to meet you and I'd love to take you out sometime, however I'm engaged. Ohhh and not just to any girl, ohhh no, he says that he's engaged to Sabrina, his ex-girlfriend from way back when who he pretty much left when he left home. And of course Della can't leave things alone....so ohhh let's go meet the woman your engaged to. YEY road trip.....or flight trip. Ohhh and did I mention that Mitch and his brother aren't exactly on the best of terms so this should be a great return trip home.

Mitch makes sure when he gets back he talks to Sabrina about what slip of the tongue happened and pretty much bribes her. If she will help him pull this off he will help with her business/clinic and help expand it, which she truly needs funds for. For Sabrina she is all for this idea because she wants to get revenge on Mitch. Her thought process is, No, she thought. I want you to be sorry. He looked so sincere. Stupid Y chromosome.
Men, as she knew only too well, were simple creatures when it came to communication. What women intended as subtlety, men interpreted as passive-aggressive. Women recognized the slightest twitch of a lip but a man didn't notice something was wrong until a girl spouted horns and a tail. Which is when they accuse us of overreacting."

So Mitch and Sabrina begin this "fake engagement" and I find the whole situation comical because both Mitch and Sabrina still have feelings for each other. And Sabrina plays her role up amazingly....almost too amazingly. Add Della to the mix and awkwardness and funny odd sharings begin. However, the best part of this whole relationship is when Mitch tells Bliss (who is like a mother to him and has been on the ranch for forever). Bliss is a woman to be reckoned with. She reminds me of my grandmother and one of those women who do not put up with crap and see right into your soul the to heart of things and ohhh they know when you're lying. One quote that stuck out to me that Bliss told Mitch was, "If I see that girl shed one single tear because of you, a plague of biblical proportions will descend upon your head." See not someone you want to mess with. 

And of course watching Mitch interact with his brother Carson is.....interesting. These two really kind of struggle with a relationship and if it wasn't for Carson's wife Rory they may not even have the struggling relationship that they have. I love that Carson is completely involved with saving Mustangs and rescuing them. The horses part of this book is really amazing and I love it!!! This book just makes me want to pick up and move out west and start over at a ranch and meet me some real authentic kind of cowboy and fall happily in love. 

Another memorable moment is when Sabrina is helping a mother give birth to her baby and Mitch happens to drop by and ahhh poor dad isn't doing all that well with the birth. "What's happening?" the father said, blinking. "Looks like you're having a baby, Dan Gardener." Mitch punched him in the shoulder. "Congratulations! Now, on your feet soldier. Your woman needs you." heheh I find this funny. 

Anyways back to Mitch and Sabrina. So these two pull off being a couple quite well, so well in fact that the two of them are confused about whats real and what's fake. And that is what the book answers for the reader. Will Mitch and Sabrina actually become a couple? Will Sabrina confess her heart to Mitch and tell him that she was playing him to start? Let's say they do get together....who is going to live where? It's not like they live in the same city. What about Della. Why did she really want this trip? What's up her sleeve...sneaky sneaky woman. And of course what will the towns people say? I want to give you so much more, but I want you to find out so many things from reading this. There are so many questions that need to be answered. And this book truly is a great short romantic weekend read. I definitely recommend this book. 

Soul Fire

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