Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Tour: The Seer: A Tellaran Novel by Ariel MacArran


Discovery means death but Arissa risks everything to save Fleet officer Jolar's life. Repaying this telepath means saving her from execution and Jolar strikes a bargain that will spare her life. In return, Arissa must join him on a dangerous mission and use her telepathic abilities to help him uncover hidden forces that threaten the Tellaran Realm. Jolar will do whatever it takes to clear his life debt to Arissa. The only thing he absolutely cannot let himself do is fall in love with her . . .

Note: The Seer is a stand-alone novel but it takes place in a universe (The Tellaran Realm) where one already published book (Stardancer) takes place.

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About the Author:

Ariel MacArran has loved books and writing since childhood. Growing up in New York City, her first self-
published works (at 5) were made with construction paper and yarn and featured original stories and illustrations by the author. She holds a degree in English and a Masters
in Counseling. Ariel lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.

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Meagan's Review:

Okay so I love the blurb for this because the last thing it says is, "The only thing he absolutely cannot let himself do is fall in love with her . . ." ha like that's not going to happen. Little things like this make me smile because I get a basic idea of what to expect and sometimes out lout I'll be like "HA! How's not falling in love with her going??? Huh? Huh?" lol and then most always my next moment is an awww one. But I really did enjoy this book and it kept me interested until the end to see what would happen. 

It's amazing the things fate throws at us and in the heat of the moment one wrong move could change everything, or one right move could change everything. Our story starts out with Arissa walking into an alley and she sees a guy about to shoot another guy (a.k.a. Jolar) and instead of letting the current path fate is on she interjects and saves his life, and in the process alters her life. Arissa is an interesting character and watching her from the start of this book to the end was a completely amazing change. Along with that Arissa is a telepath, which can come in handy every now and then. 

Funny enough Jolar (a military man) lives up to his image. He feels it is his duty to help Arissa and what starts out as simple and uncomplicated, changes to that thing he said he'd never do....fall in love with her. And while on their travel to find out who is threatening the Tellaran Realm a lot happens to push them together. There is a tone of twists and turns and deceit and of course love. This book is a great read and something I would recommend. I can't wait to see what fate has in store for Jolar and Arissa next. 

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